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Scenic Factory Pines, whether complete trees or kit form, create the ultimate looking scale model pine tree. A 22" tree duplicates a pine tree approximately 65' tall and 18'-20' wide at the base. (about the maximum size that can accuratly be put on a diorama) Preserved plumosa fern(also called asparagus fern) (preserved with glycerin) is used exclusivly in Scenic Factory Pine Trees and Kits, there is no other product that brings the realism that plumosa does. Although preserved, plumosa fern, because of its extremely small needle like foliage is still fragile and should be handled accordingly, when assembling trees, use of tweezers at the base of the fern is recommended. Trees and foliage can be misted with a diluted matte medium mixture to further enhance durability but not necessary.NOTE: Never spray anything other than acylic/water based sealers on foliage or drastic discoloring will occur.
Some boxes reach 28" in length, dissassemble packaging carefully.
Complete assembled trees are packaged 1 per box and all kits are sold in sets of 3
Trunk sizes are listed as trunks diameter (1/2", 3/8", 5/16".1/4") Trunk pictures are taken with approx. 1" extra trunk left on, take this into consideration when looking at the size against the ruler.

Complete trees are only available in United States, no overseas shipping as trees are too fragile for that long of a trip.

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