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MXC-02   1 oz. Graduated Mixing Cup (10 cups)
STSC-10   10" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (cedar), 1/4" [2]
STS-10   10" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (regular), 1/4" [2]
TRSO-10   10" Pine Tree Trunk (Distressed) , 1/4" [2]
TRS-10   10" Pine Tree Trunk , 1/4" [2]
I952   10'' Extra-Long Tweezers
CTK-11   11" Old Growth Tree Kit [Makes 3 Trees]
CTR-02   11" Pine Tree Trunks (Coastmans)
I953   12'' Extra-Long Tweezers
STSC-13   13" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (cedar), 1/4" [1]
STS-13   13" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (regular), 1/4" [1]
CTK-13   13" Old Growth Tree Kit [Makes 2 Trees]
CTR-01   13" Pine Tree Trunks (Coastmans)
STSC-15   15" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (Cedar), 5/16" [1]
STS-15   15" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (regular), 5/16" [1]
SB-01   16 oz. Spray Bottle
STSC-18   18" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (cedar), 3/8" [1]
STS-18   18" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (regular), 3/8" [1]
PIP-01   3 ml Plastic Pipette (10)
TB-03   5/16" Blank Tapered Dowels (16" length, about 15" usable)
I935   6" 90° Bent Tip Cross-Action Tweezers
STSC-6   6" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (cedar), 3/16" [2]
STS-6   6" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (regular), 3/16" [2]
TRSO-06   6" Pine Tree Trunk (Distressed), 3/16" [2]
TRS-06   6" Pine Tree Trunk, 3/16" [2]
CTK-7   7" Old Growth Tree Kit [Makes 3 Trees]
CTR-06   7.5" Pine Tree Trunks (Coastmans)
MXC-01   8 oz. Rigid Plastic Graduated Mixing Cup
STSC-8   8" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (cedar), 3/16" [2]
STS-8   8" Carved Pine Tree Trunk (regular), 3/16" [2]
TRSO-08   8" Pine Tree Trunk (Distressed), 3/16" [2]
TRS-08   8" Pine Tree Trunk , 3/16" [2]
I951   8'' Extra-Long Tweezers
CTK-9   9" Old Growth Tree Kit [Makes 3 Trees]
CTR-03   9" Pine Tree Trunks (Coastmans)
CTR-04   9" Pine Tree Trunks [Old Growth] (Coastmans)
J1031S   Awl
BTP-02   Bark Texture Powder - Brown
BTP-01   Bark Texture Powder - Dark Gray
920-24S   Beech Foliage [Autumn]
920-34S   Beech Foliage [Autumn]
920-23S   Beech Foliage [Late Summer]
920-33S   Beech Foliage [Late Summer]
920-21S   Beech Foliage [Spring]
920-31S   Beech Foliage [Spring]
920-22S   Beech Foliage [Summer]
TB-01   Blank Tapered Dowels (13")
TA-04   Brown Acrylic Ink Tint [4ml dropper bottle]
TE-01   Brown Enamel Tint [4ml dropper bottle]
WD1222   Burnt Umber
CP-02   Casting Plaster (2 lb.) (Terracotta)
WD1217   Concrete
xx-01   Custom Hardwood Dowel Order
968-22S   Cypress Foliage [Summer]
TW-01   Dark Trunk Wash [1 oz.]
PB-02   Dead Branch material
PB-01   Dead Branch material (small package)
CDB-01   Dead Branches (Coastmans)
DF-01   Dead Fall Mix
CW4510   Deep Pour Water™ - Clear
CW4511   Deep Pour Water™ - Murky
TPD-003   Desert Palm Tree [22cm]
TPD-006   Desert Palm Tree [26cm]
TPD-007   Desert Palm Tree [26cm]
TPD-001   Desert Palm Tree [30cm]
DIO-03   Diorama Base
DIO-04   Diorama Base
TE-03   Dirty Dark Green Enamel Tint [4ml dropper bottle]
TE-02   Dirty light Green Enamel Tint [4ml dropper bottle]
PTSD-01   Distressed Pine Tree 11"-13"
PTSO-02   Distressed Pine Tree 15" (5/16" trunk)
PTMD-01   Distressed Pine Tree 16"-18"
PTLD-01   Distressed Pine Tree 20"-22"
VG3-017   Dry Fern
WD1215   Earth Colors™ Kit
WD1229   Earth Undercoat
ENV-03   Enviro Tex Lite [16oz. kit]
ENV-01   Enviro Tex Lite [4oz. kit]
ENV-02   Enviro Tex Lite [8oz. kit]
C1244   Facet Rock Mold [Woodland Scenics]
LE-01   Fall Leaf (Universal)
LE-06   Fall Leaf Universal (Autumn Blend)
LE-03   Fall Leaf Universal (Green)
LE-02   Fall Leaf Universal (Natural)
LE-07   Fall Leaf Universal (Orange)
LE-05   Fall Leaf Universal (Red)
LE-04   Fall Leaf Universal (Yellow)
VG3-001   Fern
I933   Fiber-Grip Crossover 6'' Solder Tweezers
I934   Fiber-Grip Crossover 6'' Solder Tweezers
CAF-06   Field Flowers - Lavender
CAF-04   Field Flowers - Muave
CAF-05   Field Flowers - Olive
CAF-01   Field Flowers - Spring Green
CAF-02   Field Flowers - Summer Green
CAF-03   Field Flowers - Yellow
SG-03   Field Grass [Autumn]
SG-02   Field Grass [Olive Green]
SG-01   Field Grass [Spring Green]
SG-04   Field Grass [Yellow]
FLH-04   Field Hedges [Autumn]
HEG-03   Field Hedges [Early Spring Green]
HEG-02   Field Hedges [Medium/Dark Green]
HEG-01   Field Hedges [Medium/Olive Green]
FLH-01   Field Hedges [Spring Green]
FLH-02   Field Hedges [Summer Green]
FLH-03   Field Hedges [Very Late Summer Green]
HEG-05   Field Hedges [Very Late Summer]
FLH-13   Field Hedges XL [Autumn]
FLH-8   Field Hedges XL [Early Spring Green]
FLH-11   Field Hedges XL [Late Summer Green]
FLH-9   Field Hedges XL [Spring Green]
FLH-10   Field Hedges XL [Summer Green]
FLH-12   Field Hedges XL [Very Late Summer Green]
FLT-03   Field Trees [Dark Green]
FLT-02   Field Trees [Medium Green]
FLT-01   Field Trees [Olive Green]
FLT-04   Field Trees [Very Late Summer]
FW-02   Field Weed - Green
FW-01   Field Weed - Natural
FW-06   Field Weed 2 - Green
FW-05   Field Weed 2 - Natural
FFG-01   Fine Fall Growth
FFGX-01   Fine Fall Growth [X-Large]
ST-03   Fine Twig/Stick Material
FLWF12   Flowers 12 mm [Fine Flake]
FLWL12   Flowers 12 mm [Large Flake]
FLW6   Flowers 6mm [Fine Flake]
FGB-01   Foliage [Green Blend]
FE-01   Forest Earth
FF-02   Forest Floor - Autumn (180ml)
FF-04   Forest Floor - Autumn [Loaded] 180ml
FF-01   Forest Floor - green (180ml)
FF-06   Forest Floor - Green/Summer [Loaded] 180ml
WD1228   Green Undercoat
PGB-10   Ground Cover [Autumn]
PGB-3   Ground Cover [Deep Forest]
PGB-2   Ground Cover [Green Blend]
PGB-13   Ground Cover [Late Autumn/Winter]
HWWE-01   Heavy Water and Wave Effects 60ml [Clear]
HWWE-03   Heavy Water and Wave Effects 60ml [Ocean Blue (green shade)]
HWWE-02   Heavy Water and Wave Effects 60ml [Ocean Blue]
HWWE-04   Heavy Water and Wave Effects 60ml [Turquoise]
UC-01   Hydrocal Ultracal 30 (2 lb.)
UC-02   Hydrocal Ultracal 30 (Terracotta) (2 lb.)
IFPK-01   Inner Forest Pine Tree Kit
936-32S   Ivy [Summer]
JTT95535   JTT Cattails HO Scale (1:87)
JTT95536   JTT Cattails O Scale (1:48)
JTT95087   JTT Field Grass [Dark Green]
JTT95085   JTT Field Grass [Golden Brown]
JTT95086   JTT Field Grass [Light Green]
JTT95084   JTT Field Grass [Natural Brown]
JTT95537   JTT Lily Pads HO Scale (1:87)
JTT95538   JTT Lily Pads O Scale (1:48)
VG3-031   Jungle Set 1
VG3-032   Jungle Set 2
VG3-033   Jungle Set 3
Ice-03   Krycell Ice [Brown]
Ice-01   Krycell Ice [Clear]
Ice-02   Krycell Ice [Green]
Ice-04   Krycell Ice [Trapped Air]
KRY-01   Krycell Ice and Snow Wash [50ml]
KW2-2   Krycell Water 200ml [Blue]
KW2-3   Krycell Water 200ml [Brown]
KW2-4   Krycell Water 200ml [Green]
LF15   Leaf Flocking [Autumn Red]
LF13   Leaf Flocking [Late Summer]
LF14   Leaf Flocking [Spring Yellow]
LF12   Leaf Flocking [Spring]
LF11   Leaf Flocking [Summer]
LL-02   Leaf Litter Mix
LB-04   Leafy Bushes [Autumn]
LB-03   Leafy Bushes [Late Summer Green]
LB-01   Leafy Bushes [Spring Green]
LB-02   Leafy Bushes [Summer Green]
LB-06   Leafy Bushes [Yellow/Spring Blend]
LB-05   Leafy Bushes [Yellow]
L3-504   Leaves, Birch (Set of 3) - 3 Colors
L3-204   Leaves, Birch - Dry Leaves
L3-104   Leaves, Birch - Extra Colors, Autumn
L3-004   Leaves, Birch - Green
L3-003   Leaves, Lime
L3-503   Leaves, Lime (Set of 3) - 3 Colors
L3-203   Leaves, Lime - Dry Leaves
L3-103   Leaves, Lime - Extra Colors, Autumn
L3-501   Leaves, Maple (Set of 3) - 3 Colors
L3-201   Leaves, Maple - Dry Leaves
L3-101   Leaves, Maple - Extra colors, Autumn
L3-001   Leaves, Maple - Green
L3-502   Leaves, Oak (Set of 3) - 3 Colors
L3-302   Leaves, Oak - Decaying Leaves
L3-202   Leaves, Oak - Dry Leaves
L3-102   Leaves, Oak - Extra colors, Autumn
L3-002   Leaves, Oak - Green Leaves
L3-505   Leaves, Universal (Set of 3) - 3 Colors
L3-205   Leaves, Universal - Dry Leaves
L3-105   Leaves, Universal - Extra Colors, Autumn
L3-005   Leaves, Universal - Green
LICH-03   Lichen [Autumn Blend]

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